Our History

The State National Bank of Groom has a history that dates back to the early 20th Century. It grew out of a private banking enterprise in Groom that began in 1904. The original private bank was called Knorpp and Blasdel, Bankers. In 1905 J.W. Knorpp bought the Blasdel interest, and the name was changed to The Bank of Groom. It was reorganized into the State Bank of Groom in 1908. In 1925 the bank surrendered its State Charter and began operation as The State National Bank of Groom.

The bank survived the panic of 1907, the “Dust Bowl” era of the 1930s, two world wars, and reconstruction periods that followed. It was restructured in 2003, adding new shareholders and directors, and expanding by opening a branch in Amarillo.

During the one hundred plus years of the bank’s existence, it has had only seven presidents: John C. Knorpp, J.W. Knorpp, M.L. Steele, C.L. Culver, John D. Howard, Bobby Babcock, and Dusty Sloan the current president.

Our Mission

The bank’s culture of strong customer service is supported by the excellent quality of experienced and committed officers and staff. The State National Bank of Groom strives to support the efforts of farming, cattle, commercial businesses, oil and gas, and individual consumers in Groom and surrounding communities.

Our Officers & Staff

Groom Location

Dusty Sloan President
Pam Ashford Senior Vice President and Cashier
Sharon Prather Bookkeeper / Teller
Ashley Matlock Bookkeeper / Teller
Jamie Tolleson Loan Clerk / Teller

Amarillo Location

Dusty Sloan President
Lisa Schoenenberger Vice President
Bobby Jo Lane Loan Clerk / Teller
Karen Dorman Teller